Nine women activists victimized by Cuban communist state violence over November 15 march

This is what the “social justice” and “equity” of the socialist revolution in Cuba really looks like.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Nine Cuban women activists who were victims of State violence because of the November 15 March for Change

Feminist magazine Alas Tensas is highlighting the cases of nine activists, all victims of violence by the State, for their participation in the November 15 march as part of its “Cuban Women in Politics” campaign.

In an article published on Tuesday by the independent publication titled “Nine women from 15N Cuba confronting the violence of the State,” it says these women “are far from being the only ones who have suffered political violence in Cuba.” However, they are a representative of the harassment that activists who criticize the regime have suffered.

During the protest activities this past November, the women featured in the article suffered acts of repudiation organized by State Security with the consent of organizations such as the Cuban Women Federation. Their homes were placed under surveillance, they were interrogated, put under house arrest, and suffered harassment by police along with other violent political acts.

The article describes the acts of harassment against Sor Nadiezka Almeida Miguel, Mother Superior from the Daughters of Charity in Cuba who when she went out to march on November 15 along with other religious, was intercepted by plainclothes agents who attempted to stop them from marching. Whey they refused to comply, “they allowed them to walk their planned route under the condition that they be escorted and watched by them.”

The case of Daniela Rojo, who is a mother and a caretaker, was also described. She was arrested and held for more than 20 days for participating in the July 11 protests. She was intercepted by State Security on November 12 and they kept her incommunicado for five days before releasing her.

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