‘No Trips to Cuba’ social media campaign has the Castro dictatorship hurting

A group of Cuban exiles began leaving reviews for Cuban military-owned tourist hotels on social media exposing the reality of communist Cuba, and now the Castro dictatorship is screeching like a stuck pig.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

Regime hurt by ‘No Trips to Cuba’ campaign against tourism and hotels

On Friday, Prime Minister Manuel Marrero denounced “a media campaign against tourism in Cuba.”

“On the 15th [of November] we did an event right here [the Hotel Nacional in Cuba] and we opened up our borders and tourism. That hurt many people outside. They’re seeing tourism opening up and growing. We can guarantee we have COVID-19 under control, so they said ‘we have to affect tourism some other way, we have to attack tourism,'” said Marrero.

“So how are they doing it? They’re trying to lower the ratings of our hotels on social media. I myself denounce it and I expect Tripadvisor, which has always been an international source for promoting tourism and used in countries all over the world, will not allow itself to be used for this. And I expect that professionalism and seriousness will triumph over the attempts of a minority to discredit Cuban tourism,” he added.

“No one is posting lies. You oppress the people using the profits you make from tourists. No travel to Cuba,” said Felix Diaz on the Canal Caribe YouTube channel. “A country where its citizens are discriminated against and oppressed cannot be visited by tourists,” said Oscar Garcia.

Although state-run television said the campaign is being run out of the U.S., the promoter of the initiative is Alberto Fonseca, who resides in Canada. He is the brother of Roberto Perez Fonseca, a Cuban on the island sentenced to 10 years in prison for destroying a portrait of Fidel Castro during the peaceful protests this past July 11.

A group calling themselves Los Mambises are promoting the campaign on social media. “The current award-winning hotel Caribe, SO/Paseo del Prado, which had a 4.8 stars rating has dropped to 2.3 on Google. This simple act will limit the amount of money being funneled to the Cuban dictatorship. Now when a tourist looks it up, there they’ll be able to see the reality of life in Cuba,” said Alberto Fonseca in an interview with Miami television state AmericaTeve.

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