Why leftists refuse to condemn the Cuban dictatorship

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Loosely translated by Tres Fotutos

The Spanish “ABC” of Yunior García Aguilera, and the impossibility of an anti-Castro left.
By: Vicente Morín Aguado.

The young Cuban playwright Yunior García Aguilera, pushed to Spain by the savage repression of the dictatorship that orders and commands in Havana, has just published a magnificent article on ABC (December 8), which deserves reading and comments. The title leads us by the hand: Cuba, hell or paradise?

We are before another prominent representative of “Generation Y”, a phrase coined by the brilliant journalist and director of 14ymedio Yoani Sánchez. When commenting, avoiding probable idiocies, I share his idea that all the arrows of my quarrel go against the dictatorship.

The dilemma ¿hell or paradise ?, in the style of the great Socrates, applies the original dialectic of his no less great disciple Plato, when it comes to the demolition of a myth meticulously fabricated under the directives and personal action of Fidel Castro, the intended Cuban Revolution, flag of the world left and anti-imperialism -read clearly ANTI UNITED STATES-, a reference whose demystification would erase from the map what has been tried to save in terms of hopes and ideology, after the unquestionable failure of Marxist-Leninist socialism in Europe and Asia.

Yunior writes: “The island’s regime has had 62 years to perfect its narrative, to sell the world a lie that many, sadly, need to buy to satisfy their nostalgia for what could be and never was. The dictatorship has had enough time to hone its repressive methods and has found allies in many parts of the world to help it hide or ignore gross violations of human rights. One cannot speak in Cuba of a ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’, since it is precisely the workers who are the most exploited, the subjects without rights of a State that is the new bourgeois lord, the new foreman of the farm. “

I challenge analysts, from the left, the center or the right, to find a detail, even a microscopic one, of incoherence or error in the magnificent previous paragraph. Except for those who deny the roundness of the earth, the man on the Moon and vaccines and, this includes the people of the Sao Paulo Forum, capable of affirming, referring to the Cuban propaganda that: “After the defeat of July 11, US imperialism continues its attempt to destroy the Cuban Revolution. Now they continue to deploy, with more force than ever, media campaigns and the use of internal wage earners instigated and financed by their undercover agencies, who have generated various national disturbances and are promoting, at this time, a public “civil march” for November 15. “

Simply, for leftists in Latin America and throughout the world a proverb prays with its load of Anglo-Saxon irony whose translation would have happened many years ago and, in reality, never happened.

The matter is not new, the novelty is that the generations represented by names such as Yoani and Yunior, have broken away from persistent indoctrination, while the “new man” that Che Guevara advocated died in childbirth or was transmuted into a diaspora seeking something more than earthly paradise, when it became clear that that proletarian “assault on heaven”, on which Marx and Lenin commented on the Paris Commune, did not appear on earth, promises apart.

That is precisely what García Aguilera talks about when asking from the contradiction, in the purest classical Greek style: “Is my country understood from Europe? Do those who have visited the Caribbean island during their vacations have a real idea of how Cubans live, think and feel? “

The truth was advanced by Carlos Alberto Montaner in a prophetic analysis entitled Secret Report on the Cuban Revolution (1976), where he reaches not only the classical Marxist left, but many more enchanted by the bearded man from the Sierra Maestra: “The non-Marxist progressive elements, on the other hand, insist on admiring an imaginary revolution that does not exist outside the scope of their good wishes… There is, of course, a last and repulsive way to nullify the contradiction: to recognize the excesses of the revolution, its grim repressive undertone, but to assume that’s okay for Cubans. This dishonest atmosphere of silences and half-truths contributes to keeping alive a Cuban revolution that only existed in the first months of 1959.”

The so-called progressivism of today has to come to terms with the evidence of a political system that to govern has ostensibly broken the written rule of law, endorsed in a constitutional order that has entered a terminal crisis after this July 11. The young Cuban playwright has well said that the supposed failure of November 15 is “an intermission” of the national drama. Asking the dictatorship for a minimum of freedom of expression in social networks and freedom of movement in the streets for a peaceful demonstration is as much as asking it to resign from power, however, even if the answer is known in advance, it will be necessary to reiterate it until the end of time.

Yunior García , the young man recently escaped from Havana, has just gifted us in his writing an eloquent paragraph commenting on the performance of the so-called National Assembly of People’s Power, the misnamed Cuban parliament, created by the “genius” of Fidel Castro: “Our parliamentarians receive meticulous training in the art of affirmative head shaking. Not a single one of the more than six hundred deputies has sided with the protesters on July 11. Not a single one has raised his voice in favor of the hundreds of young people arrested and sentenced to very high penalties for the crime of exercising their rights. “

People like the current Democratic Representative for Massachusetts, Jim McGovern, the MEP Josep Borrell from Brussels; the anti-democratic imperialists Putin and Jinping; Entrepreneurs such as Gabriel Escarrer in Barcelona or Hugo Cancio in Miami, and obviously, the people of the São Paulo forum, will say in the purest style of the good guys Palme, Mitterrand, Felipe, Trudeau and even Obama himself that, such a democracy with a little bit of Public health and doctrinal education is not bad for the mestizos of the Caribbean.

Evidently Cubans think otherwise, in particular, Yunior García Aguilera points to the hundreds of political prisoners in his homeland when he cries out: “Ask the boy who went to jail on November 15 for committing the crime of wearing white.”The left focused on the Plaza de la Revolución and its godchildren has ceased to be something serious, at least the great universal religions speak to us of the heavenly paradise, as they propose an honest conduct on earth.

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  1. The matter is both complicated (for it is multifactorial) and simple. Ultimately, it boils down to a great many people who are a mixture of foolish, deluded, hypocritical, arrogant, and hellbent on promoting and enabling what tickles their fancy and suits their purposes, regardless of truth, justice or decency. In other words, too many people are shitty, or certainly full of shit.

    • Mostly those mired in irretrievably profound ignorance and those in possession of social degrees that do not feed, house or at times cure humanity..

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