Cuban dictatorship ties limbs of child political prisoner behind his back before he’s taken to hospital

One of the favored immobilization techniques of the communist Castro dictatorship is the “shakira,” where prisoners, including child prisoners, have their limbs tied behind their back for hours.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Barbara Farrat: ‘My son was taken to the pediatrician in “shakiras” and I was not told’

Barbara Farrat, the mother of an adolescent imprisoned for participating in the July 11 protests in Cuba, says her son was taken to the Havana pediatric hospital tied up in “shakiras,” a method used to immobilize dangerous prisiones.

In a post on Facebook, the woman, who lives in the 10 de octubre neighborhood of Havana, said that her son Jonathan Torres Farrat was taken to the hospital due to cardiac issues. She also said that despite his health issues, his captors did not tell the family he was being taken to see a doctor.

In a phone call with the child after he was taken in the morning, he said that he was transported in shakiras, as the method of tying the limbs of individuals behind their back is called on the island.

“This shitty country doesn’t care that my son is a minor, that he’s not a danger to anyone, and they’re such extremists that they even take him tied in shakiras. If my son by law is a minor, why didn’t they call me to say they were taking him to the pediatric hospital in Havana,” she asked.

She says her son told her he was scheduled to see a cardiologist on Tuesday and begged her not to go to the hospital to see him so she doesn’t have to suffer seeing him tied up in that manner.

“I’m okay, I’m not worried if they put shakiras on me,” he told her. Nevertheless, the mother considers this treatment of a minor to be unacceptable.

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