Cuban-American congressman Albio Sires to retire, will back son of Senator Bob Menendez as his successor

Rep. Albio Sires

From our All in the Family Bureau with some assistance from our Niuyersi Bureau

For many years, Northern New Jersey has had the second highest concentration of Cuban exiles in the United States, second only to South Florida. Nuguar, Elisabé, Gues Niuyor, Oranch, Is Oranch, Yersisiti, Joboquen … these towns were once packed with Cuban exiles who loved to Cubanize the names of their towns their own inimitable way.

Cuban-Americans in the area have been as involved in politics as their brethren in Miami, even though they represent a much smaller percentage of the population. The tradition continues. Unlike South Florida, however, no one can hope to win an election in Niuyersi running as a Republican.

Sen. Bob Menendez with his son Robert Jr. and his daughter Alicia

From Roll Call:

“It’ll be 16 years” at the end of his current term, Sires, a member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, said in an interview. “I was always hoping to get an infrastructure bill done, all those years. We got a real good one. New Jersey is going to get $12 billion.”

Sires, 70, said he would make an official announcement at the end of the month or in January and, “I still have time to change my mind.” His decision was first reported Sunday night by the New Jersey Globe.

A reliable Democrat who, according to CQ Vote Watch, voted with a majority of his party on 96.9 percent of contested votes, Sires said he was fed up with the climate on Capitol Hill.  

“The whole atmosphere in Washington is awful,” Sires said. “You either have to be from the left or from the extreme right, and I don’t think that’s good for the country.”

While New Jersey’s redistricting process is still underway, the Hudson County-dominated 8th District Sires represents is expected to remain a Democratic stronghold. Sires said he was ready to support Robert Menendez Jr., the senator’s son who goes by Rob, for the seat.

“I think he’s got the right temperament. He’s got the intelligence. I think he’s very well liked and he comes from good stock,” Sires said.

A lawyer with the firm Lowenstein Sandler, the younger Menendez also serves on the board of commissioners of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey.

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  1. At best, I have very mixed feelings about the NJ politicians in question, or any comparable ones (please don’t ask me about the ones from South Florida). In other words, los mastico pero no los trago.

  2. And is it me, or is the daughter carrying way too much stuff in that purse? Just sayin.’ Rob, by the way, looks like a lawyer, which is not encouraging. Still, one must give him credit for not calling himself Beto.

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