King Raul Castro enjoys himself at luxurious island retreat while Cubans scramble for food and other necessities

Raul Castro gives a speech during the celebration of 60th Anniversary of Cuban Revolution, in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba, on Jan. 1, 2019.

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As the late Tom Petty used to sing: “It’s good to be king.”

This Christmas, as Cubans struggle to survive the king of Castrogonia is holed up in his castle, enjoying every privilege that befits a monarch. This is socialism in action. This is what socialism is all about.

Key Saetia, King Raul’s little island paradise

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba:

The 90-year-old general “loves Cape Saetía to rest. He has there a recreation house associated with the tourist village, but it is only for him. Those who have seen it say that a couple of years ago they renovated it and that is a beauty surrounded by a natural paradise, with well-selected staff of your trust, “he added.

Other local sources confirmed the information. Ricardo, a resident of Cajimaya, a town in the vicinity of the island of Saetía, which is connected to the mainland by a short bridge, told DIARIO DE CUBA that “there is movement of trucks and soldiers carrying things for the key and when that It happens everyone knows Raúl is coming. At least twice a year he comes and he spends a week or two here. “

“They have loaded everything to the key, even boats to take care of the coast, weapons, guards, trucks full of merchandise. And the Police have already begun to station themselves in all the road junctions. They collect their shotguns from the hunters for a couple of weeks Before a few kilometers around, and fishermen cannot go out to fish in Nipe or Levisa bay. Everything is paralyzed while Raúl is enjoying his vacation, “added Ricardo. “He who can, he can,” he ironic.

“Once they brought a yacht overland that people were amazed at how big it was, mounted on a huge harrow. They say they brought it from Cienfuegos,” said Ignacio, another neighbor in the vicinity.

“I have a friend who works in the key and he says that when Raúl comes they paralyze tourism and everything else, and only leave the trusted personnel selected to serve him. Because tourists normally come to the key from Guardalavaca by helicopter and boats, and they also leave go to the Cubans to have a ‘pass’ in the ranchones that are on the beaches. All this is suspended and the island is only for him “

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4 thoughts on “King Raul Castro enjoys himself at luxurious island retreat while Cubans scramble for food and other necessities”

  1. But of course. What’s the point of having power and the privileges that come with it if you don’t take advantage of it? Yes, it’s hyperhypocritical, but when you feel untouchable, who cares? Besides, there can’t be anybody who’d be even remotely surprised by this, and the usual suspects sure as hell don’t care.

  2. You know, when you’ve spent most of your long life serving and promoting a noxious lie, and you’ve also spent decades pretending to be something you’re absolutely not regardless of how much you dress the part, you’re definitely a POS and then some. This is all very Latrine, I suppose, but the bastard is Cuban. Lord, the shame.

  3. This reminds me of Aristotle Onassis and his private island, with the very important exception that Onassis bought and paid for it with his own money which he had made, meaning he didn’t steal it or appropriate it.

  4. The faux general looks like an especially nasty and ridiculously overdressed rodent. Cuba may not match the WAY-beyond-Monty-Python absurdity of North Korea, but it’s in the same ballpark. Lord have mercy.

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