Social media campaign against Cuba’s military-owned tourist hotels is aimed at the dictatorship, not Cubans

Hotel Aston Panorama, Miramar, Havana.

Whenever the communist Castro dictatorship finds itself in a predicament, it tries to hide behind the very people it oppresses and enslaves.

Juan Antonio Blanco in Diario de Cuba:

The campaign against GAESA hotels is not anti-Cuban

Prime Minister Manuel Marrero grumbles about the losses from the campaign to boycott tourism to Cuba.

On December 17 Prime Minister Manuel Marrero condemned “a media campaign against tourism in Cuba,” in reference to the call to boycott tourist trips to the island, but his whining about how the losses that this campaign inflicts on “Cuba” and the “Cuban tourism industry” constitutes a botched charade.

What is Manuel Marrero’s role as Prime Minister?

The first point to be made is that Manuel Marrero’s real function on the Council of State is to see to it that the interests of the new military-civilian oligarchy are protected, not those of Cuba and its population. That is why they reestablished the post of prime minister, and put him in the position.

The second is that,, for this reason he is not really concerned about the effects that this campaign may have on the “Cuban tourism industry,” but rather about the losses that it may mean for the Grupo de Administración de Empresas S.A. (GAESA).

GAESA is an oligopoly registered in Panama, with anonymous shareholders, beyond the reach of any audit by the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) or the Cuban Government, which controls, manages and benefits from the profits of the main companies that generate convertible currency in Cuba, such as tourism, aviation, the sale of medical services abroad, remittances, export products, dollarized domestic trade, communications, gas stations, and many other products, services and activities.

While hundreds of Cubans were dying due to a lack of oxygen tanks, GAESA was investing billions of dollars in the construction of new luxury hotels, in a country where more than half of the hotel rooms were empty. Between January and June 2021, during the worst of the pandemic, business services, real estate and rental activities accounted for 45.5% of total State investment, compared to 3.1% dedicated to agriculture, 0.8% to public health and 0.6% to science and innovation. The accumulated investment in Cuba from January to June 2021 indicates that “business services, real estate and rental activities, including tourism” was 56.8 times greater than investment in health and 14.5 times greater than agricultural investment.

The boycott is waged against the profits with which the new anti-Cuban, mafia-like oligarchy finances repression

The interests of the new oligarchy are not based on Cuba’s national interest or the needs of its people, but rather their private logic of maximizing profits. No one touches their money, nor is the money they launder by over-billing for the construction of luxury hotels and other works supervised. This is what they did before with the construction of the Port of Mariel, when they breached the contract already signed with the British Coral Capital Group for a little more than 350 million dollars, imprisoned its executives, and hired Odebrecht (then famous for its corruption scandals with regional politicians) for almost 900 million dollars.

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  1. In a third-world country where most of the population has been reduced to the level of parasites, luxury hotels for tourists are an obscenity. The fact nobody cares except the victimized Cuban people changes nothing.

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