Cuban-German visitor to Cuba sentenced to 25 years in prison for filming July 11 protests with his phone

Luis Frometa Compte with his two German-born daughters Janie and Maria

From our Bureau of Follow-Up Stories About Socialist Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Compassion Initiatives

As mentioned in the previous post, published here an hour ago, Castro, Inc. is thoroughly committed to equal-opportunity repression. No one, absolutely no one, is ever to be excluded from severe chastisement for any infraction of its million-and-one commandments.

This includes not obeying these two commandments: “Thou shalt never make us look bad in the eyes of the world” and “Thou shalt never document our strict commitment to staying in power.”

The story of this man’s arrest was covered here previously in early November. The abhorrent inhumane immensity of his punishment –which amounts to a death sentence, since the man is ill — was not known at the time, because the sentence was not finally pronounced until December 23. Yes, after keeping this man in prison for five months, Castro, Inc. waited until the day before Christmas Eve to hold his trial and sentencing.

In so many ways, this particular case reveals the evil nature of Castro, Inc more clearly and more shockingly than most others. And at the very same time it also reveals has much confidence Castro, Inc. has in its own immunity from punishment by any member nation of the European Union. After all, this Cuban is a German citizen!

And you can bet your bottom Euro that German tourists will continue to flock to Castrogonia’s apartheid resorts as soon as the plague becomes less of a threat. Yeah… and you can also make the same bet about Cuban Yo-Yos such as this man who go back and forth from exile loaded with gifts for their relatives and Castro, Inc.

Video worthy of 25 years in prison

From the International Society for Human Rights

Bad news just before Christmas Eve: as reported by the International Society for Human Rights (ISHR), German citizen Luis Frómeta Compte has been sentenced to 25 years in prison in Cuba. The charges were “agitation of public nuisance” and “incitement to riot.” The Dresden family man is one of about two thousand demonstrators arrested on July 11 during protests against the dictatorship. While visiting relatives, he had spontaneously filmed a demonstration in Havana for private purposes with his smartphone and was subsequently arrested.

ISHR strongly criticizes the high condemning sentence and points out that, in the meantime, the 59-year-old’s brother-in-law is also in pre-trial detention. Luis Frómeta Compte’s lawyer will appeal.

“By imposing such a heavy prison sentence on a dual national, the Cuban government shows that it makes no distinction between locals and foreign nationals. It is rigorously cracking down on anyone who is a thorn in their side. Luis Frómeta Compte has done nothing wrong, yet he now faces 25 years in prison. This is a scandal and a hard blow for his family just before Christmas. We demand the immediate release of Luis Frómeta Compte, his brother-in-law and all political prisoners in Cuba,” says Martin Lessenthin, spokesman of the board of ISHR, Germany section.

Luis Frómeta Compte has both German and Cuban citizenship, and his whole life has been in Germany since 1985. Despite this, the Cuban regime still refuses to provide consular assistance through the German embassy in Havana. His daughters, who live in Germany, are in disbelief and shocked by the verdict, as they tell ISHR: “It hurts immensely and I have no words to express my feelings. We can’t lose strength now and somehow have to stay strong for dad, even though it’s really taking a lot of our strength right now. One day before Christmas I just feel endless sadness, it’s so incredibly hard,” said Janie Frómeta.

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  1. I do not know why he was in Cuba, but that was his first mistake. He could have held citizenship in every country in Europe and it would have been the same. Castro, Inc. knows the difference between lip service or empty gestures and real reprisals, and it can get away with this, because it’s gotten away with worse multiple times. It may eventually release the guy, but you’d better believe somebody will have to pay.

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