Meet two of the bootlicking cretins responsible for sentencing peaceful Cuban protesters to 30-year prison terms.

Mabel Palacios and Fernando Sera

From our Bureau of Socialist Social Justice and Compassion

Castro, Inc. has many henchmen and henchwomen. The Spanish word verdugos is more appropriate for these cretins. A verdugo is an executioner and/or torturer. In Castrogonia’s courts, prosecutors are verdugos in essence, inflicting pain and death, even though they are called fiscales.

They are the instruments of terror who do the bidding of Castro, Inc. in its courts of law, masquerading as agents of justice in sham trials that have nothing to do with real justice.

The identities of two such verdugos have been revealed. Let their names be inscribed in whatever book God uses to keep track of such heartless folk.

Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

Two prosecutors who requested sentences of up to 30 years in prison for Cubans who participated in the peaceful protests of 11J, including minors, have been identified. Although their names were already known to some lawyers and relatives of the accused, now the journalist Norges Rodríguez puts a face on them in a publication on his Twitter account.

The first is the prosecutor Mabel Palacios Aties, responsible for requesting sanctions of deprivation of liberty between 15 and 20 years for the crime of sedition for 22 defendants, of whom seven are between 17 and 19 years of age: Nelson Néstor Rivero Garzón, 17 years old; Emiyoslán Román Rodríguez, 18 years old; Yensy Jorge Machado González, 18 years old; Frank Daniel Roy Sotolongo, 19 years old; Yassell Guerra Campos, 19 years old, and Marcos Antonio Alfonso Breto, 19 years old. For all of them, the prosecutor’s request was 15 years in prison. In the case of 18-year-old Yeinier Ibañez Boudet, the requested sentence was 18 years in prison.

In addition, all of them were imposed the precautionary measure of provisional imprisonment, despite the fact that they had no criminal record.

The accusation of a crime as serious as sedition could perhaps justify provisional imprisonment, but precisely this accusation is the first atrocity of the prosecutor. As analyzed in a previous article in DIARIO DE CUBA, in the criminal codes of most Western countries, sedition is considered to exist when there is, among other elements, organization and exact political coherence among the members of the group, which excludes spontaneity .

Palacios is a graduate of the Universidad de Oriente. In October, she shared a post remembering her “undefeated commander-in-chief” Fidel Castro, during the inauguration of the new Havana prosecutors.

Another prosecutor responsible for disproportionate tax requests whose face Rodríguez Espinosa shows is Fernando Sera. He calls for sentences of between 15 and 30 years in prison for Cubans who demonstrated in Holguín, and who will be tried between January 11 and 14. All are accused of the crime of sedition.

The Cubans facing a possible 30-year prison sentence are Miguel Cabrera Rojas, José Ramón Solano Randiche, Iván Colón Suárez and Yosvani Russel García Caso.

Mario Josué Prieto Ricardo and Maykel Rodríguez del Campo could spend 28 years in jail, according to Sera’s prosecutorial request.

Jessica Lisbeth Torres Calvo faces a 27-year sentence. For Cruz García Domínguez, Miguel Enrique Girón Velázquez and Yasmany Crespo Hernández, the prosecutor’s request is for 25 years of deprivation of liberty, and for Yoirdan Revolta Leyva, for 22 years in prison.

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