Cuban opposition leader Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet arrested by State Security

The communist Castro dictatorship was not satisfied with imprisoning and torturing Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet for years. But don’t expect to hear a peep about it from the Congressional Black Caucus or BLM.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

The arrest of Oscar Elias Biscet in Havana denounced

Members of the Union Party for a Free Cuba (PUNCLI) denounced today the arrest of opposition leader Oscar Elias Biscet by agents of State Security.

Jose Elias Gonzalez Aguero, the current National Coordinator for PUNCLI, told CubaNet that Elias Biscet was arrested at his home.

“Biscet was arrested at his home. Roberto (who he was speaking with on the phone at that time) heard the arrest taking place among yells of “Viva Carlos Manuel Pupo!” and “Viva the Emilia Project!” said Gonzalez Aguero.

The activist said that before the arrest, Biscet had called one of the members of the Emilia Project in Guantanamo to tell him that “if his phone is turned off, it’s because he had been arrested by State Security.”

“He called Juan Luis, who is the one in Guantanamo, and told him that if in a half-hour he doesn’t respond, it was because he had been arrested,” said Gonzalez Aguero.

In this regard, Juan Luis Bravo Rodriguez, a member of PUNCLI and the Emilia Project, told CubaNet that early that morning, Biscet told him that he had been visited by high-ranking officials from State Security.

“He called and told me that high-ranking officials from State Security had come to his home to tell him he was prohibited from leaving the house because he would be arrested.”

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