What Blockade? What Embargo? Cuba purchased over $253 million worth of chicken from U.S.A. in 2021.

Pollo Yanqui in Cuba

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“End the embargo!” “Oh, the U.S. causes such great suffering in Cuba!” “The U.S. has wreaked havoc on the Cuban economy!” “It’s a blockade, a blockade!” “So unfair and inhumane.”

Yeah, sure. This so-called embargo, which Castronoids and leftists everywhere denounce as the prime cause of Castrogonia’s poverty and backwardness, doesn’t really exist. As long as Castro, Inc. pays cash, it can buy as much food and medicine as it wants from the U.S.A. And it can buy manufactured goods from every other country in the world, too, on credit (and never pay for what it buys).

“End the blockade” means only one thing: “Allow Castro, Inc. to buy on credit and never pay for what it has bought.”.

And, by the way, the damage caused to the Cuban economy by Castro, Inc. and it’s “socialism” has been so extensive, that the Cuban peso is now the most worthless currency in the whole world. Vamos bien!

Cubans wait in line for their rationed pollo Yanqui

Abridged and loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

The Government of Cuba imported more chicken from the United States in the first 11 months of 2021 than in the entire previous year, according to figures compiled by economist Pedro Monreal from public data from the US Department of Agriculture.

“In the first 11 months of 2021, the US exported chicken meat to Cuba worth 252.8 million dollars, a figure 43% higher than the value of US chicken exported to Cuba in all of 2020 (143.7 million dollars). It is the first food imported by Cuba, “Monreal said on Twitter.

“From January to November 2021, the US exported 276,774 tons of chicken to Cuba,” he said.

US statistics for November 2021 indicate a remarkable 27% increase in the value of chicken meat exported by the US to Cuba compared to the previous month: 0.94 dollars compared to 0.93 dollars in October 2021, he pointed out.

The US embassy in Havana said this week that “the Cuban regime has ineptly managed its economy for years building hotels in a pandemic and does not provide food or medicine to the Cuban people. Relieving that suffering in 2021, the US authorized millions of dollars. in private humanitarian exports “.

Whole story HERE in Spanish

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  1. Look at that photo. But hey, the Cuban people haven’t been degraded or anything. It’s just that, before the “revolution,” they somehow managed to get WAY ahead of the “Latin” curve, which was of course aberrant, so now that they’re in the place they should have been all along, “those people” keep bitching and moaning. As if.

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