Orphaned Cuban child put on trial for peacefully protesting on July 11

Protest in Holguin, Cuba on July 11, 2021

This is what the socialist revolution’s compassion and “social justice” looks like in communist Cuba, where orphaned children are arrested and put on trial for peacefully protesting.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

Orphaned adolescent put on trial in Holguin for participating in the July 11 protests

Samuel Torres Duran, one of the five adolescents put on trial this week in Holguin for taking part in anti-government protests in July of 2021, is an orphan with no mother or father. He turned 17 in September of last year and is accused of sedition, a crime against the State. For this reason, prosecutor Fernando Sera is initially calling for an 18-year prison sentence.

CiberCuba was able to confirm his family status with three different sources who for fear of reprisals from authorities, asked to remain anonymous. Two of the sources attended the trials that took place between January 10 and 14 and directly heard the situation of the child. The other source lives in the same neighborhood and was aware of the loss of his parents.

According to the sources who were present during his trial, Torres Duran stated he was studying and “by the grace of God,” was expecting to graduate soon and begin working since he is the one taking care of his 14-year-old sister. His uncle, the brother of his late mother, was the family representative at the trial.

Unlike other minors who protested on July 11, Torres Duran was not being held in prison but was put under house arrest and ordered to frequently report to the police.

The investigation file of the Holguin Crime Unit for crimes against the State where the details of his case appear along with 20 others charged with sedition says that Torres Duran is a citizen who “provides no socially useful labor, meets with people known for bad social conduct, and has no prior arrests.”

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