Cuban-American Jason Miyares, Virginian’s new Attorney General, begins battling corruption and wokery immediately

Jason Miyares

Born in North Carolina to Cuban parents, Jason Miyares is wasting no time in confronting serious problems, including the practical effects of the corrosive ideology of wokery. Naturally, he’s being described as the first “Latino” to hold high office in Virginia. But, much to the chagrin of leftists, Miyares is no “Latinix” and represents the growing number of Hispanics in the U.S. who refuse to wear the victim costume designed for them by the Democratic party or to blindly adopt its leftist ideology.

From the one and only Daily Mail (the usual suspects in the news media seem to be staying away from this story)

Virginia’s new attorney general Jason Miyares purged 30 staffers from his office before he was sworn in – and has now announced a probe into the state’s scandal-hit Loudoun County School Board.  

Friday’s mass firing – which took place the day before Miyares’ inauguration in Richmond, included 17 attorneys and reportedly the entire conviction integrity unit. Loudoun County School Board – which has been plagued by scandal after scandal over critical race theory-inspired ‘equity’ lessons and transgender issues – is now also set to come under Miyares’ spotlight, after news of its extreme progressive policies and cover-ups swept the United States. 

Miyares, a Republican, was sworn in on Saturday after a GOP sweep across Virginia that led to a governor – Glenn Youngkin –  lieutenant governor – Winsome Sears, attorney general and lower chamber of the state legislature all controlled by the same party. Democrats still control the state senate and the secretary of state’s office. 

Miyares spokesperson Victoria LaCivita told the 30 staffers knew the AG would be moving in a different direction and said the large-scale purge was typical at the start of a new administration.  

She said Miyares’ predecessor, Mark Herring, made more cuts.

‘During the campaign, it was made clear that Attorney General Miyares and former Attorney General Herring have very different visions for how the office should be run. This is routine for a new administration,’ she said. 

‘There are 523 people who work in the Office of the Attorney General, and 643 who report to the Attorney General statewide. Only 30 personnel changes were made. Attorney General Herring made more substantial cuts after he took over from his Republican predecessor.’ 

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