Nicaragua subjects its political prisoners to Cuban-style torture

From our Bureau of Colonial Socialist Social Justice

No surprise here. Of course Nicaragua is going to resort to the same barbaric practices as its colonial masters. Venenozuela has been aping Castrogonia too. And these Latrine dictatorships are very similar to China when it comes to the use of torture.

Monkey see, monkey do. And of course, it is immensely difficult to find any news on this subject. It sheds too much light on the true nature of socialism and on the existence of a Cuban empire in Latrine America..

From Havana Times

Relatives of several political prisoners, backed by the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (Cenidh), denounced the beating and psychological torture that prisoners of conscience Steven Mendoza, Bryan Kesler and Kevin Solis suffered recently in the “Jorge Navarro” penitentiary, commonly known as “La Modelo”.

Elizabeth Gonzalez, Steven Mendoza’s wife, learned from other prisoners that Steven was beaten by prison guards on January 13th, following the family visit. She also says that he himself commented that day that he was being constantly harassed by the personnel of “El Modelo”.

“We attended the family visit in the morning. When it was about to end, they insisted we sign the document where it says that our prisoners are well, that they haven’t been beaten, that they’re receiving medical attention and food. We know that’s all a lie, because they’ve turned back some food [the family brings] and I know they’re not giving him all his medications. This was the fourth visit where we didn’t sign anything,” she explained.

Gonzales continued: “That [refusal] was the last straw.” On the afternoon of that same visiting day, other political prisoners told their families that in reprisal for refusing to sign the document, they’d beaten her husband and some other political prisoners.

“They received blows to their privates, on the arms, the legs, the back; they even kicked them in the face, all with the brutality with which they treat the political prisoners,” the families denounced…

… “What my husband is living through is a constant torture, and I ask the government to have a conscience, to stop causing so much harm to the political prisoners and to the Nicaraguan people. We won’t shut up, nor will we ever give up demanding their freedom,” she declared.

Elizabeth Gonzalez also commented that her husband has had fever, a cough, dizziness, nausea, and hives. “They’re not giving him medical attention, and we’re going to continue denouncing that, too,” she insisted.

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  1. As if the sight of the hideous Murillo freak and her repulsive dirtbag husband weren’t torture enough.

    But yes, they’re both eminently Latrine. Still, Nicaragua has more excuse than some.

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