After disappearing nearly 200 protesters, UN demands account from Cuba’s dictatorship

There’s zero chance the communist Castro dictatorship will ever comply with the UN’s demand and no chance the UN will make them pay for their defiance, but it’s a start.

Via El American:

UN Demands Cuba to Account for Over 100 Missing People After Pro-freedom Protests

187 potential enforced disappearances have been reported after the July 11 anti-government protests

he United Nations Committee on Enforced Disappearances has urged the Cuban communist regime to report by February 7 on the disappearances related to the July 11 protests.

The NGO Cubans for Democracy, based in Spain, shared this Friday with Efe news agency the letter sent to it by this UN committee confirming this step in response, among others, to its denunciation.

The “chimerical intention” of this initiative, explained the secretary general of Cubans for Democracy, Julio Rodriguez Pellitero, would be to sanction Cuba “for not complying with a signed agreement.”

The UN letter requires Havana to provide “the number of persons whose alleged disappearance occurred in the context of the demonstrations of July 11, 2021.”

This committee also requests data from the Cuban regime on the “measures taken” to find the missing persons, as well as the number of persons located as a result of these efforts.

It also requests information on the investigations into these alleged disappearances.

It also asks Havana to report on reparations to victims and actions to prevent disappearances.

The Committee on Enforced Disappearances explained that this request was made to the Cuban regime “after analysis of the allegations presented” by Cubans for Democracy and “other sources.”

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  1. The UN could also demand that Spain explain why it sold arms and anti-riot gear to the Cuban dictatorship knowing perfectly well what it would be used for and against whom. Of course, we know why.

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