Cuban Pastor and family members detained by Castro State Security

The god of socialism is a wildly jealous god and won’t tolerate the worship of any deity but the State.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

State Security detains Pastor Alain Toledano and several of his family members

On Monday, January 31, State Security agents and the National Revolutionary Police (PNR) detained Pastor Alain Toledano Valiente along with his wife and two of their children in Santiago de Cuba.

Toledano was riding with his family in a car on their way back from Sancti Spiritus where they were on a religious mission. Upon arriving at a checkpoint in in the town of El Cristo in Santiago, the PNR pulled over the vehicle despite the fact they had not committed any traffic violations.

For the religious leader, it was obvious “they were waiting for us.” In addition, he explained that the police not only asked for the driver’s identification, but also his and his family members. They also searched all their belongings.

After being searched, the officials told them they would be transferred to the Third Police Unit in the city for a “routine” investigation.

“They wanted to put me into a patrol car; they wanted me alone with all the phones and take me away. But we did not allow that to happen and we went to the police station in our rental car,” wrote Toledano on Facebook.

“We have nothing to hide, but we told them that what they had done was arbitrary. They supposedly apologized and told us we could leave. All of this was a provocation,” said the pastor.

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