Nearly 300 anti-government protests in communist Cuba in the month of January

As the communist Castro dictatorship holds on for dear life, Cubans on the island continue to bravely protest the oppressive regime.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

OCC documents 275 protests in Cuba during the month of January

The Cuban Observatory of Conflicts (OCC) reports that during the month of January 2022, there were 275 anti-government protests on the island. This is despite the regime’s “sustained and arbitrary terror.”

Of the 275 protests, 175 (64%) were motivated by political and civil causes. The majority of those, 160 (58% of the total) were directly related with the abuses, judicial arbitrariness, and sentencing of peaceful protesters from the July 11 uprising as well as the torture and mistreatment in prisons, said the OCC.

Of the total of the protests that took place in January, “160, more than half, were motivated by the state of terror imposed around July 11,” the report said.

Protests for economic and social reasons totaled 100 (36%): they were basically associated with the consequences of the ‘ordering task,’ the insecurity among the people, domestic violence (including 3 women murdered), thefts and assaults, all of which happen in front of a police force that “prioritizes the repression of dissidents over keeping public order.”

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