Canadian imprisoned in Cuba fears for his life, says lack of medical attention amounts to murder

Benjamin Tomlin before his dream holiday turned into a nightmare

From our Bureau of Foreign Superior Beings Who End Up Becoming Inferior Savages with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Compassion and Social Justice

Like millions of his fellow Canadians, Benjamin Tomlin went to Castrogonia in 2018 to party and to enjoy all the benefits of apartheid, such as feeling superior to the vivacious dark-skinned natives with whom they had unrestrained carnal relations. But, like thousands of fellow Canadians, his “dream holiday” suddenly turned into a nightmare when he was sentenced to ten years in prison for raping a 15-year-old girl.

Tomlin pled not guilty, charging that he was “being set up following a night of partying in a seaside town outside the popular resort destination of Varadero.”

This hapless Canadian has developed an inguinal hernia in prison that has grown monstrously huge as his intestines keep sliding further and further out from his abdominal wall. The danger of dying from a strangulated hernia is not just very high, but highly likely. The pain caused by hernias can also be excruciating.

To make things worse, by making his plight known outside of Castrogonia through his family in Canada via social media — and by denouncing “corruption” and abuse in Cuban prisons — Tomlin was transferred out of La Condesa prison for foreigners (where conditions are slightly better than in prisons for Cubans), and has had the possibility of an early parole revoked. Naturally, he is also being constantly taunted and threatened by Castro, Inc.’s prison henchmen.

In socialist and communist states the treatment being received by Mr. Tomlin is considered “social justice.”

Loosely translated from CiberCuba

Reports from Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the Cuban Observatory of Human Rights and other non-profit organizations have been warning for decades about the worsening of prison conditions in Cuba due to an alarming decrease in “nutrition levels, medical care and hygiene in prisons”. The documentation ensures that the denial of health care, the inhuman conditions in which the prisoners are found and the punitive measures reach the level of torture in several cases.

In almost three years in prison in Cuba, Canadian lawyer Benjamin Tomlin has seen his health deteriorate, to the point of putting his life at risk and even thinking that the Cuban and Canadian authorities are waiting for him to die so that, with him, bury mistakes made in handling his case.

Now the hernia has gotten to the point where it is outside [the body] all the time; Right now I have to keep my legs up against the wall to try to keep it in place, and that’s probably why the testicle is swollen,” Tomlin told CiberCuba. “I am afraid of dying because they told me this could happen.

In October 2019, Benjamin Tomlin began to feel unwell and to request medical attention -often denied- at the La Condesa prison for foreigners, in Mayabeque. Only a year later he received a diagnosis of his discomfort: it was an inguinal hernia. At that time, he already had swelling in one testicle “and the reason was because the hernia had not been treated,” he said.

“When it came out on the digital media and social networks, it was when they told me that they were going to transfer me to a maximum security prison to operate on me, only that was not happening. They kept me isolated, I didn’t talk to anyone and they threatened me a lot,” Benjamin said.

The transfer became effective at the end of July of last year without informing his family where he was taken. Through supportive people it was finally learned that they had him in the maximum security prison known as Combinado del Este. Nearly seven months later, he still hasn’t had his hernia removed.

In October 2021, he underwent a surgical procedure to treat the inflammation in the testicle that, by this time, two years and four months after the symptoms of the hernia appeared, had reached immeasurable proportions and a frightening appearance, according to statements. from the family to CyberCuba.

“Still the hernia has not been treated. The reason why we say that what they do here is inhumane is because they don’t have the conditions and the resources,” Tomlin said in a clear reference to the public health crisis in Cuba.

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  1. It is truly unbelievable that anyone of sound mind would even consider vacationing in a place like Cuba, especially since there are many clearly better options. Of course, to be fair, there are “diaspora” Cubans doing essentially the same thing, which is even worse for multiple reasons.

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