Price of food skyrockets in communist Cuba

Imagine paying $42 for a bag of powdered milk. That’s what Cuba’s socialist revolution has given the Cuban people.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Alarming increase in the price of food in Cuba: a bag of milk goes for about 1,000 pesos

The increase in food prices on the island is making daily life more difficult each day for Cubans, according to several people interviewed by Radio Television Martí.

Angel Marcelo Rodriguez Pita, a member of the Cuba Humanista group, is calling attention to the exorbitant price increases for the majority of food products consumed by Cubans, for example beans, vegetables, rice, pork, and other items.

“We find a pound of taro could be selling for 80 pesos (approximately $3.36 USD); a bag of powdered milk is close to 1,000 pesos (approximately $42 USD); a bag of bread, which brings at most 7 to 10 rolls, can cost anywhere between 40 and 50 pesos. These products are not available in stores so it becomes very difficult for people to find them,” said Rodriguez Pita.

From Havana, Rodriguez says the rise in prices, the shortages, inflation, and the cost of living are increasing the pressure on the Cuban population.

“It’s very, very, very complicated for the regular citizen. Sometimes I’m wrong and I say a person makes a 5,000 peso salary and many respond with: ‘No, no, remember that the majority of the people are making about 3,000, but very few make 5000,’ and that’s true. The majority of the people that are making between 2,500 and 3,000 pesos are having a very difficult time,” said the expert.

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  1. So, basically, Cubans are living miserable lives with no better future in sight unless they emigrate, all for the sake of the “revolution,” that tired and lame euphemism for Castro, Inc. Was that a great deal or what?

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