Surprise! Another top member of Cuba’s military junta dies suddenly

From our Bureau of Purges and Other Accident-Prone Aspects of Political Life in a Totalitarian Socialist Hellhole with some assistance from our Bureau of Safety Features Missing From Chinese Automobiles

Fatal crash test of Chinese car conducted by dead Colonel

This does not look like it could be part of a purge, but in Castrogonia it is fairly common for fatal “accidents” to take the lives of those who need to be removed from the face of the earth. Camilo Cienfuegos — who briefly served as chief of Cuba’s armed forces when Fidel Castro took power — was perhaps the first top dog to meet this fate in 1959.

And, as everyone knows, “accidents” can also remove pesky dissidents from view, permanently.

Aaaaah… the many wonders of socialist utopias! Well over a dozen top dogs suddenly turn up dead in a single year! Can one ever know for sure if a fatal collision is really an “accident”? And can one really ever trust a Chinese car to be safe without first carrying out one’s own crash test?

Aaaah…. the wonders of socialist flesh-and-bone crash test dummies! After all, one can’t make a socialist omelette without cracking open the skulls of those who might stand in the way of progress.

Rare photo of the deceased Colonel

Loosely translated from Periodico Cubano

First Colonel Erasmo Méndez Fernández, head of the Guantánamo military region, died this Tuesday as a result of a traffic accident in which his vehicle was involved in a Transgaviota bus in Santiago de Cuba.

The Geely brand vehicle of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR), with license plate F001617, collided head-on with the bus, with license plate B143473, on the road to the town of Baire, Contramaestre municipality. According to witnesses, the accident occurred during an overtaking maneuver, however, it is unknown if the soldier was behind the wheel or as a co-pilot.

Due to the high position of the military, it is presumable that he had a driver at his disposal, although the reports only speak of one deceased and not of injuries.

Judging by the images of the event, which has been widely commented on social networks, the worst damage caused by the accident was sustained by the Chinese-made light car, whose structure is built with a very simple material.

Other comments on social networks assure that the Operational Instruction Guard arrived at the scene to clarify the circumstances of the event, as well as Government and Party authorities in the municipality of Contramaestre. However, so far there is no official report of the event in the official press.

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