Fidel Castro and his plan to infect Latin America with Cuban communism

The misery, oppression, and destruction Cuba’s Fidel Castro and his ongoing family dictatorship has inflicted on Latin America is immeasurable. And it was all by design.

Via El American:

María Werlau Explains Castro’s Communist Strategy to Infiltrate Latin America

Werlau has spent years investigating the actions of the Cuban dictatorship, today we talk about Fidel Castro’s strategy to implement the communist system throughout the continent

Writer, researcher and executive director of Archivo Cuba, María Werlau, has warned of the threat posed by the Castro regime to the American continent. In her book La Intervención de Cuba en Venezuela: Una Ocupación Estratégica con Implicaciones Globales, she highlights the control that Havana exercises, for example, over Venezuela.

In a conversation with Vanessa Vallejo, editor-in-chief of El American, Werlau explained that his intention is not only to tell how the Cuban dictatorship managed to take over Venezuela, but rather to demonstrate Fidel Castro’s strategy to implement the communist system throughout the continent.

“The more the model has failed, the more Cuba has grown stronger internationally. This is incredible and is due to what I call Cuba’s distinctive competence. The book is not only about how Cuba occupied Venezuela systematically. It is about explaining that the methodology it applied in Venezuela is the one it applies in other countries and which has been so successful, not only to keep the dictatorship in power but to expand its model to a continental model. That was always Fidel Castro’s dream since before he became President of Cuba,” said Werlau.

She highlighted that the Cuban regime has been taking over institutions, including academies, to impose the socialist system, which in addition, she commented, has links with groups connected to crime and that this constitutes a threat to democracy and freedom.

“We are in the region seeing a return of the left and probably it is the return of the radical left. It would be around the project now known as the São Paulo Forum. They have tried to move towards a new name, the Puebla Group, but it is the same thing. It is to implement the socialism of the 21st century, which in reality is neo-communism,” she pointed out.

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