Apartheid tourism to communist Cuba is way down in 2022

Cuba is seeing way fewer foreign tourists staying in apartheid resorts in 2022 and enjoying all the food and privileges denied the Cuban people.

Via Reuters:

Cuba is struggling to reawaken its tourism industry after months of pandemic-induced slumber as travelers stay away, threatening to derail the government’s plan to haul the economy out of a deepening crisis.

The communist-run island, long a popular Caribbean destination, has been betting on tourism to power 4% economic growth this year after the coronavirus pandemic slashed output, resulting in food and medicine shortages and power outages, and contributing to the largest anti-government protests since Fidel Castro’s 1959 revolution.


Data indicates that travelers have been slow to return to Cuba since the border reopened. In January, a popular month for travel to the Caribbean, just 84,000 tourists visited Cuba, down 80% from around 394,000 in 2020, and well shy of the pace necessary to hit the country’s goal of 2.5 million visitors in 2022.

The Castro dictatorship’s economic recovery plan depends highly on apartheid tourism and diverting food and resources from the people to foreign tourists. Combine that with the selling of doctors and nurses to foreign nations as slave labor and you have the perfect socialist workers’ paradise.

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  1. Tourism down? That means bigger and better resorts are needed to attract them. Of course, that means investing even more in the tourist sector and leaving less for “the people,” but hey, the “revolution” needs that tourist money, and “the people” can just fend for themselves as best they can.

    And by the way, is that photo even allowed now? Looks pretty racist to me.

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