Absolutely horrifying: The youngest victims of ‘Havana Syndrome’

Frying children’s brains is an essential component of all socialist Revolutions

From our Bureau of Socialist Compassion and Social Justice

The CBS news program “60 Minutes” has revealed that some spouses and children of Americans and Canadians serving abroad are among the victims of the sonic or microwave attacks that diplomatic personnel have been subjected to since 2016.

One of the victims interviewed is a Canadian whose family was attacked in Havana. Another is an American whose family was subjected to attacks not only in China, but also in Philadelphia while they were receiving medical care for their brain injuries.

In both of these cases, it seems that children were specifically targeted. This story keeps getting darker and darker and more frightening … and the stench of Russo-Chinese-Castronoid involvement is unmistakable.

From CBS 60 Minutes:

A constellation of unexplained neurological symptoms commonly known as “Havana Syndrome” has plagued U.S. diplomats stationed abroad since 2016. But U.S. officials are not the only ones who have reported trouble with speech, balance, and eyesight; some of their children have as well.

60 Minutes has found more than 20 children whose parents say they have been affected by unexplained neurological ailments after incidents that occurred while their parents were serving abroad. In one case confirmed by 60 Minutes, a mother and her infant were affected while the baby was breastfeeding. Both have been diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury. 

Another parent whose children were affected is U.S. Commerce Department official Robyn Garfield, who was stationed in China with his wife and two children. Garfield told 60 Minutes that his family was attacked over many months at their home in China in 2018.

After they were medically evacuated from China, they enrolled in a State Department treatment program at the University of Pennsylvania. Garfield said that, while staying in a Philadelphia hotel, his family was targeted again. 

During those incidents, Garfield told 60 Minutes, he believes his family was not only targeted by a weapon, but someone hit specifically at his children in their beds.

“I saw an extremely eerie scene where both were thrashing in their beds asleep,” Garfield said. “But both kicking and moving pretty aggressively.”

He recalled leaning down to pick up his daughter from her bed, where he heard a distinct noise next to her head that sounded like rushing water. The same thing occurred when he bent down to retrieve his son.

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