Cuban American actress Bella Thorne calls on Biden and the world to help the Cuban people

Image: CubaNet

Bella Thorne did not mince words calling Cuba’s communist regime a “brutal corrupt dictatorship” and called on Biden and the international community to step up and help the Cuban people.

Via Fox News:

Bella Thorne slams Cuba’s ‘heartless move’ to tax food sales, calls on Biden to end ‘brutal suffering’

Bella Thorne is calling on world politicians, including President Biden, to assist in putting an end to the suffering of citizens in Cuba on the heels of the country’s new 10% tax on food sales.

Cuba announced the tax earlier this month. It targets those who are self-employed and small- and medium-sized companies in the retail sector of the food industry.

It’s a move that’s disheartened the 24-year-old actress and singer, who is half-Cuban. In an interview with Fox News Digital, Thorne expressed her discontent with the economic woes Cubans are facing and called for Biden to lead the charge in helping those who will be affected the most.


Thorne called attention to the “brutal corrupt dictatorship” that the Cuban people have been living under for “over 60 years.” She asked Biden to “think about what it would be like as Americans to live six decades where you can’t share your thoughts or decide who represents you politically.”

“The dictatorship controls everything in Cuba, including media and access to the internet,” she continued. “President Biden can work to give more tools to access the internet to Cubans so they can prevent the Cuban government from suppressing activist messages on social media.”

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