Amidst island-wide food shortages, Cuban dictatorship selling food in China

While shortages across communist Cuba leave the Cuban people struggling to find enough food to eat, the Castro dictatorship is selling food in China to collect hard currency for the regime’s coffers.

Via ADN Cuba (my translation):

In the midst of shortages, Cuban regime selling food in China

Guava and mango preserves, jars of honey, and bottles of rum are among the products produced in Cuba and being exported to China to sell on the website The news comes from an announcement made on Monday by Carlos Pereira, the regime’s diplomatic representative in the Asian giant.

According to the Cuban ambassador, the first container of exported merchandise has arrived at China’s Xiamen port and in the next few days the Cuban National Pavilion will be launched on the online sales website.,

“The first container of Cuban products to be sold through trans-border e-commerce has arrived at the Chinese port of Xiamen. In the next few days the National Cuban Pavilion will be launched on the popular website,” said Pereira on Twitter.

In a thread, the ambassador added that on, which is based in the capital of Beijing, Arecha brand rum, Apisun brand honey, and Conchita brand fruit preserves will be sold,. All of these products are beyond the reach of Cubans and not available in stores on the island.

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  1. Two words: PRIME DIRECTIVE. I shouldn’t need to say anything else, but if that’s not clear enough, Castro, Inc. does NOT give a shit about ordinary Cubans. It is ALL about staying in power, which costs (real) money, and the money has to be procured by any means available.

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