Russia postpones Cuban dictatorship’s loan payments

Looks like Cuba’s communist dictatorship is getting rewarded for supporting Putin in his invasion of Ukraine, as Reuters reports:

Russia has agreed to postpone some debt payments owed to it by communist-run Cuba until 2027, its lower house of parliament said on Tuesday, just days after the two countries announced they would deepen ties amid the spiraling Ukraine crisis.

The loans, worth $2.3 billion and provided to Cuba by Russia between 2006 and 2019, helped underwrite investments in power generation, metals and transportation infrastructure, according to a statement from the lower house, or Duma.

On Tuesday, Russian lawmakers ratified an agreement, originally signed with Cuban counterparts in Havana in 2021, that amended the loan terms, the statement said.

Besides the obvious benefit of not having to make payments on loans they can’t and never had any intention of paying, the postponement also allows the Castro dictatorship to maintain its decades-long reputation as a deadbeat nation.

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