Two Castro dictatorship immigration officials added to database of Cuban state oppressors

The Interior Ministry’s Col. Méndez Mayedo

The communist Castro dictatorship uses all the tools available to them to oppress the Cuban people, including immigration policy and enforcement.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

Two immigration officials added to list of Cuban oppressors

The Foundation for Human Rights in Cuba (FHRC) on Monday added two officials from the Interior Ministry’s Directorate of Identification, Immigration, and Aliens (DIIE) to the list of Cuban oppressors, a database kept by the organization and shared with U.S. authorities and international organizations.

The two are Lt. Col. Nestor Morera Payrol, chief of the DIIE at the Jose Martí International Airport in Havana and Col. Mario Mendez Mayedo, the head of the Ministry of Interior’s Directorate since at least 2016, according to the foundation.

The organization, which is headquartered in Miami, accuses Mendez Mayedo of carrying out arbitrary migratory policies since 2016 that include rights violations of Cubans trying to return to their country, selective prohibitions of traveling outside the country, and recent cases of forced exile.

In the case of Morera Payrol, he was added to the database in the White Collar Oppressor category when he was identified as the official who signed an order sent to American Airlines declaring as “inadmissible” activist Anamely Ramos “despite her having all her required documentation in order to return to the island after visiting Mexico and the U.S.”

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