Cuban Coast Guard rams boat full of fleeing Cubans, one killed, two injured

Cuban Coast Guard Vessel

From our Bureau of Socialist Compassion and Social Justice, with some assistance from our Déjà Vu Bureau and our Bureau of Runaway Slaves

Once again, Castro, Inc. has savagely attacked Cubans who were trying to flee the island, with tragic results.

What can one say about a socialist utopia that will go to such extreme lengths to keep its citizens from leaving? Nothing good, for sure. One is instantly reminded of slave hunters of old, who pursued fugitive slaves mercilessly.

Castro, Inc.’s Ministry of Truth is claiming that the boat ferrying the runaway slaves had come from Miami and that this “illegal exit operation.” was a simply a case of “human trafficking.”

Can’t let your slaves flee the plantation

Loosely translated from Periódico Cubano

An official note from the Ministry of the Interior (Minint) released by the official press media reports the death of a Cuban during the persecution -by the Border Guard Troops- of a speedboat loaded with migrants who was trying to make an illegal exit.

According to the version of events reported by the Minint, the incident occurred in the afternoon of March 1, about 11 nautical miles from Cayo Coco, in the province of Ciego Ávila, when “a surface unit of the Border Guard Troops” collided with the boat they had been chasing since leaving the Cuban coast.

On board the speedboat were 21 people, including the crew members who presumably traveled from the US to carry out the illegal exit operation. According to the Minint, the vehicle stopped due to technical problems and the crew began to jump into the sea.

“During the subsequent maritime maneuvers, the speedboat and the border guard ship, both of similar size, collided. As a result, three people who remained on board the first suffered injuries, one of them seriously, who died on the evacuation route to land, ”indicates the note without giving further details of how the events occurred.

The information itself states that “the competent authorities continue the investigations to fully clarify the facts.”

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