Cuban dictatorship arrests and jails mother of child political prisoner

All Yudinela Castro did was advocate for the release of her adolescent son who is rotting in a Cuban gulag for peacefully protesting. For that, the communist Castro dictatorship has imprisoned her as well.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

Mother of a child imprisoned after the July 11 protests arrested for ‘disrespect’

Yudinela de la Caridad Castro Perez, the mother of Rowland Jesus Castillo Castro, one of the minors sentenced to prison for participating in the popular protests in Cuba on July 11, has been charged with the alleged crime of disrespect, according to information given to Radio Television Martí by the family.

Maria Teresa Perez, the mother of Caridad Castro Perez, visited her daughter at the 100 and Aidabo prison on Tuesday, where she has been held since February 24 for continuing to denounce her child’s situation. Her son was recently sentenced to 12 years in prison by the 10th of October Municipal Popular Court.

Castro Perez had also denounced the threats she received from State Security in an attempt to get her to stop her campaign seeking the release of Rowland Jesus Castillo.

“According to what the investigator told me, she is being charged with disrespect. I first asked him to explain what it was she did that was disrespectful. I said: ‘My daughter was taken by State Security right in front of me and she didn’t do anything, she didn’t say a word.’ And he responded that it was her prior actions and I replied, well, she never told me anything about that and I have no knowledge of it…but you know that” explained Maria Teresa Perez to Radio Television Martí.

The mother explained that her daughter is suffering from cancer and has had seven surgeries because of an intestinal blockage and seven other surgeries for her ovaries, spleen, appendix, and an hernia.

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