Cuban dictatorship attacks Canadian firm not allowing them to take cut of foreign remittances

RevoluGROUP advertisement for remittance service

From our Pound of Flesh Bureau with some assistance from our Socialist Tantrum of the Week Bureau

Just like the character of Shylock in Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice, Castro, Inc. is demanding its pound of flesh from diaspora Cubans who send remittances to Cuba through a Canadian financial firm named RevoluGROUP.

RevoluGROUP started providing its services this week, with approval from the U.S. Treasury Department. Somehow, it manages to bypass Castro, Inc.’s monopoly GAESA, so, as usual, the military junta that runs Castro, Inc. is throwing a fit and lying, accusing the Canadians of taking 30% of the remittance amount.

Whether or not Castro, Inc. will allow this firm to continue funneling dollars and euros into Castrogonia remains to be seen. Meanwhile, we can expect Castro, Inc. to continue throwing a tantrum. Tremendo berrinche….


Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba

The Cuban government launched an attack this Thursday against the Canadian company RevoluGROUP, which this week enabled the sending of remittances to Cuba without them passing through the hands of the GAESA military conglomerate, accusing it of having a higher cost for Cubans.

Despite the fact that the Island Government has condemned on numerous occasions the prohibition of sending remittances through companies such as Western Union, which used FINCIMEX, which belongs to the Cuban military, as its counterparty, it complained about the approval of sending money to Cuba through the Canadian entity RevoluGROUP.

In this regard, Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Carlos F. De Cossio said on his Twitter account that “the US prohibited remittances via Western Union to Cuba, which charged around five dollars for every 100 sent, to apparently authorize formulas that They charge the sender up to $30 per 100.

The statement of the Cuban official was described as false by several users, who demonstrated using the mobile application that the tax set by the entity is between 2% and 18%, depending on the bank to which it is sent, and that using the application RevoluPay is free.

“It’s really disgusting that you’re trying to spread misinformation. Show me from this screenshot taken from the RevoluSEND website how you got to 30%? I’ll wait,” wrote a user named Trade Wolf.

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