Ouch! Cuba’s apartheid tourist industry loses its main clientele (Russian visitors) due to Ukraine crisis

Bye bye, Ivan….

From our Bureau of Tragic Moments in the History of Perfectly Acceptable Apartheid

This one’s going to hurt. Ever since the Covid plague shut down the income from Castro, Inc.’s apartheid tourist industry, Russians have been its main clientele.

And now this money pipeline is about to run dry. Thousands of Russians in Cuba are being evacuated, and as long as the Ukraine crisis remains unresolved, it is highly likely that they will not be returning.

In addition, experts predict that all Russian aid to Castro, Inc. will also dry up, and that sanctions against Russia and its supporters will have a severe impact on Castrogonia.

Heads up! Neocolonial collateral damage ahead!.

From AFP via Yahoo News:

About 900 Russians took chartered flights home from a Cuban resort town on Sunday as airspace bans imposed after Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine complicated travel for tourists around the world.

Dozens of countries, including European Union nations and the United States, have banned Russian planes from their airspace as part of sanctions aimed at crippling the Russian economy.

Russia retaliated by barring its airspace to multiple countries, including 35 European nations.

An airport official in Varadero, a resort town near Havana, told the press that 927 Russian passengers flew to Moscow on Sunday, among them a group from the Dominican Republic.

Another 940 tourists will depart on Monday, the official said.

Cuban media reported Friday that the 5,570 Russians on vacation in Varadero would return on Nordwind Airlines charter flights.

Nordwind has suspended their regular flights to Cuba, along with fellow Russian carriers Aeroflot and Azur Air.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, Russian tourists have become the single largest group of visitors to the island nation.

The arrival of Russian visitors to Cuba increased almost 200 percent since 2019, helping the island’s battered tourism industry, which collapsed with the pandemic and the tightening of US sanctions.

2 thoughts on “Ouch! Cuba’s apartheid tourist industry loses its main clientele (Russian visitors) due to Ukraine crisis”

  1. Perfectly acceptable apartheid AND completely condoned racial stereotyping–and I mean blatant.

  2. The faux mammy, of course, doesn’t care where foreign tourists come from, as long as they fall for (or play along with) their cheesy and outlandish shtick–specifically, as long as they pay for such photo ops.

    Needless to say, Russians have absolutely no shame when it comes to Cuba, but then again, neither do the Spanish, who have FAR more reason to be at least reasonably decent given our shared history.

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