State Security arrests several Ladies in White in another Sunday of repression in communist Cuba

This is how Cuba’s socialist revolution treats women who dare to speak out.

Via ADN Cuba (my translation):

Arrests and fines prevent Ladies in White from attending church to pray for political prisoners

Cuban regime security forces on Sunday arrested several members of the human rights organization the Ladies in White to prevent them from attending church services in Matanzas where they pray for political prisoners.

“We were violently arrested by the combined forces of the National Revolutionary Police and State Security agents in the town of Colon at 11 AM. Asuncion Carrillo Hernandez and Caridad Burunate Gomez,” they posted on Facebook.

After their release, Burunate explained that the arrests took place “as we were making our way to the church to attend mass and pray for the release of all Cuban political prisoners. We were taken to the local police station.”

Before they were released officials fined each of the women 150 pesos. Yudaxis Perez Meneses and Mayra Garcia Alvarez were also arrested, said Burunate.

Ivan Hernandez Carrillo, the Secretary General of the Independent Union Association of Cuba, said on Twitter that “my mother was arrested, Lady in White Asuncion Carrillo, when she left for church in Colon.” According to the activist, “State Security agents had surrounded her house since the early morning hours.

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