Another top baseball prospect escapes communist Cuba

Another young Cuban and top baseball prospect has escaped communist Cuba and slavery to the Castro dictatorship.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

Cuban baseball player, leader of the national under-15 team, leaves Cuba

In the last few hours the leader of the under-15 national baseball team, Maykol Valdivia Brown, has left Cuba and is now in the Dominican Republic to pursue his sports career.

According to El Nuevo Herald, the young prospect plans to start training to present himself before MLB scouts during the international signing period next year.

Before doing so, however, the 5’10” shortstop and native of Havana will have to find representation as a free agent.

In the capital’s provincial tournament last February, Valdivia batted .521.

El Nuevo Herald reports that the player “possesses good hands and a fast and compact swing.”

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1 thought on “Another top baseball prospect escapes communist Cuba”

  1. It is perfectly reasonable for anyone young with serious talent in Cuba to get out before it’s too late. That’s why the best of Cuba, for the most part, has been getting out since 1959, and not just people with major talent, but people with enough going for them to do far better elsewhere in terms of their career. Alas, this has inevitably meant that what’s left on the island is, to a significant extent, lesser people, and it shows.

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