Awwww … ¡Qué lástima! … Loss of Russian tourists devastates Cuba’s apartheid tourism industry

Before the exodus: Russian tourists at Varadero, early March 2022

From our Bureau of Righteous Schadenfreude

Righteous, yes, justifiably so. Delighting in the crippling of Castro, Inc.’s apartheid tourism racket should be considered righteous by anyone who cares about REAL human rights. In fact, one might say that this crippling blow to apartheid tourism is REAL social justice.

Aaaah, but leftoids and the willfully blind pale folk who flock to Castro, Inc.’s apartheid hotels and resorts won’t see it this way. They’ve never seen anything wrong with the whole business of providing tourists with accommodations, amenities, privileges, and goods that are unavailable to Cubans, or with the slave labor that keeps that system in place.

As so many millions of supposedly enlightened people see it, such a system is the best thing that ever happened to the inferior noble savages who live in Cuba. So, hop to it, Canadians and Western Europeans! Hurry up, superior beings, and book your Cuban dream holiday as soon as possible. Castro, Inc. needs your money! And those noble savages desperately hanker to bask in the glow of your superiority. They’re feeling aimless and depressed without masters to serve, gratify, and pamper.

Do svidaniya, rebyata – Farewell, lads – Adios muchachos… you will be missed!

From Granma Euro-Lite (Reuters)

When planeloads of Russian tourists left Cuba this week, their vacations interrupted by war in Ukraine, it marked a sad day in the resort town of Varadero, a visible sign the conflict will rattle the island nation’s fragile economy.

Varadero, a finger of white sand extending out into the blue Caribbean sea, has long been a magnet for Russians fleeing the northern winter.

In 2021, with much of the world hunkered down amid the coronavirus pandemic, visitors from Russia soared to 40% of total arrivals in Cuba, according to government figures.

Varadero’sbeaches, usually teeming with tourists at this time of year, are suddenly quiet, said Yanet Costafreda, who sells trinkets to tourists along the palm-fringed streets.

“The Russians were the main market that we had in the last … two years,” Costafreda said in an interview. “I am worried because we see that the future is uncertain.”

At least 8,000 Russian holidaymakers scrambled last week to find flights home from Cuba after many Western nations closed airspace to Russian aircraft in solidarity with Ukraine. Most Russia-Cuba flights have been scrapped until further notice.

The predicament means Cuba will struggle to meet its goal of 2.5 million tourist arrivals in 2022, explained Paolo Spadoni, an expert on the Cuban economy at Augusta University in Georgia.

The island’s communist-led government hopes for 4% growth in 2022, spurred primarily by a big jump in tourism.

“Losing the Russian market in 2022 … will have quite a significant negative effect for the Cuban economy, for the Cuban tourism industry in particular,” Spadoni said.

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  1. Now you know why Cubans on the island call Russians bolos. Talk about disgusting pigs.

    Needless to say, Russian tourists are not even remotely bothered by Russia’s historically HUGE hand in Cuba’s ruin or their current continuation of its nefarious and noxious role in keeping Castro, Inc. in power. Sometimes, human miseria humana just makes one want to vomit. Lord, the disgust.

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