Cuban state-run national TV news journalist defects, on his way to the U.S.

Yunior Smith, a familiar face to Cubans who have nothing but state-run news to watch on television, has defected after growing tired of, as he puts it, the communist regime’s “rotten sh^t.”

Via ADN Cuba (my translation):

Castro journalist Yunior Smith leaves for the U.S. and ‘blasts’ the regime

International news analyst and journalist for Cuban state-run television Yunior Smith went on social media and confirmed that he’s on his way to the U.S. border to permanently emigrate there because he got tired of the regime and its “rotten shit.”

The newscaster regrets having disqualified the Cuban opposition and portrayed opposition leaders such as Jose Daniel Ferrer as “characters” and people of a “bad ilk.” He declares he intends to live as a migrant in the U.S. after becoming disillusioned with Castro communism.

In a statement on Facebook, Smith posted an image showing his muddied boots from walking, likely from Nicaragua, to the U.S. border to ask for political asylum.

“My journey started like that of thousands of other Cubans who in the last few months got tired of plowing sand and decided to leave, to escape so much rotten shit, the lies, the despair,” he started his statement.

The journalist now confesses he has resentment towards the demon government that provokes “division in families, quashes dreams, destroys lives forever over petty politics, is full of pride and resentment, and the fucking lies that make everything cloudy, dark, and uncertain.”

Smith says that little by little he started noticing that the “blockade” was not to blame for all the limitations and the bad decisions made on the island. He says it started “with that infamous slap by the Minister of Culture, the health crisis in Matanzas, the disgusting police abuse called for by Canel during July 11 to pit Cuban against Cuban with clubs and dogs.” He also said he has a brother who is a political prisoner in Cuba.

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  1. Maybe he’s sincere, maybe he’s not. Unfortunately, we’ve been had once too often, and I’m sick of it.

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