Cuban State Security releases mother of child political prisoner released after severe interrogations

After 15 days of incarceration and severe interrogations by State Security agents of Cuba’s communist dictatorship, the mother of a child political prisoner has been finally released.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

‘They were very severe interrogations,’ says mother of July 11 political prisoner after 15 days of detention

Yudinela Castro Perez, the mother of Rowland Castillo, a minor who protested on July 11, was released on Thursday after 15 days of detention at the 100 y Aldabo prison in Havana.

The woman told Radio Martí that during that time she was transferred State Security’s Villa Marista Operations Center where she was subjected to intense interrogations. Authorities were trying to connect her to some anti-government signs that appeared weeks earlier in the town of Arroyo Naranjo and according to them, she was mentioned by individuals arrested and supposedly implicated in the incidents.

“The interrogations were very severe, asking if I had anything to do with that and told them no, that I had nothing to do with that,” said the women. Castro Perez is a cancer patient and the caretaker for her 2-year-old grandson since her son Rowland is currently imprisoned at the Occidente juvenile prison in Guatao, Havana.

Castro Perez, who has become one of the most courageous activists among family members of July 11 political prisoners, says that she was threatened to be sent to prison “for 30 to 40 years.”

“I told them that if they were going to put me in prison it would be an unjust imprisonment because I was innocent,” she said.

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