Cuban dictatorship opens another apartheid luxury hotel in Havana

Castro, Inc.’s Grand Aston La Habana: Hideous design, hideous function

From our Bureau of Great Moments in Socialist Apartheid Tourism

Never mind how large Castro, Inc.’s network of apartheid tourist facilities might get. It will never be criticized by the world’s news outlets and it will never stop attracting ‘dream holiday’ seekers from other countries.

This is all perfectly acceptable, even praiseworthy as far as most of the world is concerned.. It’s every bit as reprehensible and unjust as South African apartheid, perhaps even worse, but since those being discriminated against are Caribbean noble savages, it’s perfectly alright. It’s the best solution possible to the endemic problems caused by their backwardness and inferiority.

Long live socialist apartheid. It’s a very enlightened expression of social justice.


Loosely translated from Diario de Cuba:

Despite the deep food crisis, the shortage of medicines and all kinds of essential products suffered by Cubans, as well as the collapse of the arrival of tourists, the regime announced the inauguration on March 15 of a new luxury hotel In the Habana.

It is the Grand Aston La Habana, which will be managed by the Indonesian group Archipiélago International and which is located a few steps from the capital’s Malecón, in the El Carmelo area, “with an advantageous panoramic view of the central neighborhood of El Vedado,” said the official Latin Press Agency.

According to the facility’s advertising, it will be “a haven of sleek, contemporary sophistication…it takes modern living to the next level, revealing uniquely designed architecture, fresh guest rooms, eclectic dining, inspiring event spaces and beautiful wellness facilities, including an amazing infinity pool.”

The 600 rooms include themed suites, while a new feature is the Ubud Spa, “the first authentic Balinese spa in Havana” and even a branch of the Banco Financiero Internacional. Havana 92, located on the 25th floor, is a restaurant that is offered to “enjoy the sunsets,” states the official site of the facility.

The Indonesian company Archipiélago already manages in Cuba the Aston Panorama, former Hotel Panorama, also in Havana, the Grand Aston Cayo Las Brujas, in the northern keys of Villa Clara, and the Aston Costa Verde, in Holguín.

In 2022, in addition, the Asian hotel company will add two other new facilities: the Grand Aston Cayo Paredón and the Grand Aston Varadero.

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  1. The design could be worse, but even if it was an architectural masterpiece, its function is abominable, and those who enable that function–supporting totalitarian tyranny and oppression–are detestable.

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