Cuban dictatorship sentences two sisters to prison for peacefully protesting on July 11

Two Cuban sisters, both mothers of young children, are just the latest victims of the communist Castro dictatorship’s brutal crackdown on peaceful dissent on the island.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

The Garrido sisters from Quivican sentenced to three and seven years in prison for July 11

Sisters Maria Cristina and Angelica Garrido Rodriguez were sentenced to 7 and 3 years of prison respectively for participating in the July 11 protests in Quivican, Mayabeque.

The information comes from Michael Valladares, the husband of Maria Crisitina, who posted the information on Facebook on Wednesday. He added that “the abuses, the beatings and the torture both were submitted to” were based on crimes fabricated by Gervasio Escalona Escalona, an official from the Quivican Police.

Valladares says Escalona “fabricated the crime of assault against Maria Cristina over an altercation he claimed she was involved in despite the fact that “other officials who testified at the trial confessed that Maria Crisitna was never in the park that night of July 11.”

In a conversation with CiberCuba, the husband, who is also an activist and the representative for the Republican Party of Cuba in Pinar del Rio, said that the sisters are aware of the sentence and are calm because they know they are innocent. The sentences are a reduction from the 15-year sentence prosecutors were asking for Maria Cristina and 10 for Angelica for the crimes of assault, contempt of authority,, spread of epidemic, conspiracy to commit a crime, and public disorder.

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  1. So what will the UN do in the face of such obscene injustice? Uh, NOTHING, certainly nothing substantial.

    Really, if the world were any more full of shit, it’d be a clogged sewer pipe.

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