Another Cuban state-run media personality defects to the U.S.

Another of the communist Castro dictatorship’s propaganda personalities has decided to defect after getting a taste of freedom in the U.S.

Via Diario de Cuba (my translation):

Host from Radio Rebelde and Cuban television joins the list of regime spokespersons who have escaped

The young radio host of state-run radio station Radio Rebelde as well as television host Alejando Quintana Morales has added himself to the list of journalists and regime spokespersons who have decided to leave Cuba.

In a post from Ft. Lauderdale, FL on his Facebook page on Monday, the journalist made known his decision as well as celebrating his reunion with family members who live in Florida.

“It wasn’t until today that I fully understood what it is to have, for certain, ‘mixed feelings.’ […] I am happy because in the embrace of the other part of my family I found the warmth I needed to bring me happiness. That is when a smile was brought to my face, and then another, and then many more. And it all combined into a sensation where I didn’t know where I was or couldn’t believe it. Perhaps I had arrived in the country where finally I can feel free,” he said.

“They say I’m already in the City of the Sun, that here I can express what I think without having to speak in whispers and that it’s a place with beautiful beaches and brave people. I don’t know, but I feel trapped in this strange combination of what many call ‘mixed feelings,'” he wrote.

“The United States of America, I am here!” he concluded.

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