Cuban prosecutors seek 8-year prison sentence for minor arrested after protesting on July 11

The communist Castro dictatorship’s prosecutors want to lock up child political prisoner Jonathan Torres Farrat for 8 years for the crime of peacefully protesting. This is socialism in action.

Via ADN Cuba (my translation):

Prosecutors ask for 8 years of prison for minor Jonathan Torres over July 11

Cuban prosecutors are asking for an 8-year prison sentence for minor Jonathan Torres Farrat for participating in anti-government protests in Havana on July 11.

“After more than 7 months in prison since the July 11 protests in Cuba, Jonathan Torres Farrat, 17, is facing an 8-year prison sentence,” said his mother Barbara Farrat Guillen in a video posted on Facebook.

“They’re asking for 8 years in prison for [the crimes of] spreading the epidemic, public disorder, and alleged assault, for throwing a rock that didn’t hit anyone,” the mother said.

In regards to what took place that day, Farrat recalled that “on July 11 my son turned 17, we were together at home, we hadn’t heard anything about the order from president Diaz-Canel, the combat order. My husband had been out when the protests started on Diez de Octubre road, which is where I live.”

Jonathan Torres asked his mother to stay home with his girlfriend, who was pregnant at the time, and told her that he was going out to find his father. He found him “hiding behind a wall trying to escape the bullets, the shots [the police] were firing on that road,” said Barbara Farrat.

“He threw a rock. You can see that he signaled [his father] with his hand to step away from the wall. They came around the corner and returned home. On August 13, they came to arrest him. It was supposedly just an interview that would last half an hour,” said Farrat…

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