Castro dictatorship’s embassy in Washington continues to turn away stranded Cuban activist

The Castro dictatorship’s embassy in Washington D.C. is here to serve the interests of the communist regime, not Cubans and especially not stranded Cuban activist Anamely Ramos.

Via CubaNet (my translation):

Officials from the Cuban Embassy in the U.S. turn their backs on Anamely Ramos

Cuban activist Anamely Ramos was finally able to see officials from the Cuban Embassy in Washington on Tuesday night. Nevertheless, the diplomats turned their backs on her.

After almost a week trying to get an appointment at the embassy, on March 15, Ramos waited outside for them to leave the building.

“Is no one going to tell me who will see me here? I left as a tourist and I intend to return, I can’t. No one is going to see me? No one is going to respond?” she told the diplomats who hurried away from her in their cars.

One of them simply said “it’s not in hour hands.”

“That Embassy and Consulate is a fraud. It doesn’t represent Cubans and they behave like zombies,” said the opposition leader on Facebook.

She also denounced the impunity with which Cuba violates the human rights of citizens “using businesses and institutions of the free world.”

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