Vanessa Garcia masterfully illustrates the power of story telling

A great profile of our friend Vanessa Garcia, a Cuban American writer, playwright, and creator of The Amparo Experience.

Via BeLatina:

Meet Vanessa García, the Multidisciplinary Latina Writer Who Reinterprets the Power of Storytelling

For Vanessa García, there are few, if any, stories that cannot be told. This U.S.-born Cuban comes from a lineage of travelers, exiles, and adventurers. Her family’s story is the first she knows and knows how to tell.

Through writing, Vanessa has managed to record and illuminate her world and the world around her.

“I believe in the power of storytelling to change the world… with my whole heart, I believe in it,” Vanessa told BELatina in an email interview. “I believe in recording and illuminating the world around, especially shedding light on the stories that have been veiled.”

From local to global

Vanessa García is a multidisciplinary writer who works across multiple media and platforms. Her content takes the form of novels, articles, essays, journalism, and even television and theater.

Like that of so many other Latinos, her inspiration is her family’s history.

“My grandparents are Cuban; my parents are Cuban. When you ask me what I am, I say: I’m Cuban, I’m American,” she told us. “I take pride in both of those things. My grandfather was from Spain and fled from Franco, Hitler, and then Castro (Spain, France, and then Cuba) – so I am anti-tyranny down to my last fiber. That’s who I am and what I fight for – for a world without tyranny.”

With her pen (or keyboard), Vanessa strives to tell the stories of her people, archive them and bring them to light.

“I’m a traveler, someone who believes it’s important to see the world. I have lived experience in the stories I tell and also a doctorate – I believe in the merger of experiential learning with research.”

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