Biden has turned his back on Latin America

Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) explains how Pres. Joe Biden has chosen to ignore Latin America and the threats posed to U.S. national security by Cuba’s communist dictatorship and its socialist allies in Venezuela, and Nicaragua.

An Op-Ed by Sen. Scott in the Orlando Sentinel:

President Joe Biden has completely abandoned Latin America.

That statement may shock some, but how else do you explain his complete silence on threats to our democratic partners in this critical region during his State of the Union? More than 7,700 words in an hour-long address, but none was about the importance of freedom in Latin America.

It’s another shameful example of Biden’s willful ignorance of the threats posed by the dangerous regimes in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, and his disconnection with millions of families impacted by those regimes.

Florida is blessed to be the United States’ gateway to Latin America. Our partnerships across the region produce significant trade and job creation. Latin American cultures and traditions enrich our communities and help bind us together.

Unfortunately, socialist dictators, supported by the poisonous communist leadership of the illegitimate regime in Cuba, put all of this at risk.

The Obama administration’s policy of appeasing these vile dictatorships in Latin America proved to be disastrous and an utter failure. The Biden’s administration’s apparent policy of looking the other way and ignoring the threats will certainly be no better.

You can read the entire Op-Ed HERE.