Gasoline shortage and apartheid in Cuba: No fuel for Cubans, but plenty for tourism

No gas for you, noble savages…. Hey, nice Mercedes Benz ! Ñooooo ! Debe ser tremendo ñangara o un embajador, o un turista! Viva el apartheid!

From our Annals of Apartheid Bureau with some assistance from our Bureau of Socialist Social Justice and our Bureau of Biased Reporting

Gasoline is in very short supply in Castrogonia, and it is now being strictly rationed. For a revealing video of Cubans pushing cars, lugging gas cans, and queueing up at gas stations go HERE.

The usual suspects in the world’s news media –such as Reuters — make no mention of the fact that tourist buses and tourist rental vehicles can get as much gasoline as they want. To learn of this new twist on Cuban apartheid one has to go to Cuban exile websites, such as Periodico Cubano.

Reuters also cites government officials who say it is only a “temporary” problem while blaming the U.S. “blockade” for this current shortage.

So, once again we see socialist social justice in action. No fuel for you, lowly Cubans! Plenty of fuel for you, superior beings from abroad! And once again, we see the Ministry of Truth doing a splendid job of blaming the U.S. for the ineptitude and corruption of Cuba’s 63-year-old “socialist” dictatorship.

Nada pa’ ti, cubano de mierda

From Granma Euro-Lite (Reuters)

Hours-long lines formed at gas stations in Cuba´s capital Havana on Monday after local media reported rationing of fuel in at least one province amid a biting economic crisis that has already left food and medicine in short supply across the island.

Geobel Quintero, a program coordinator for the Matanzas provincial government, told local media that rationing had begun in that province on Sunday but downplayed the problem, blaming the shortfall primarily on distribution issues.

“This is not a consequence of a fuel deficit in the country,” Quintero told state-owned provincial newspaper Giron. “This is a temporary problem.”

Quintero said in the report that state-run company Transcupet, which provides fuel to the country´s service stations, was working with only 62% of its delivery trucks. Logistical issues had hampered distribution, the report said.

Word of the rationing spread quickly through the neighboring province of Havana, where the remaining fuel was quickly snapped up Sunday, leaving little gas and diesel available at stations in Havana on Monday.

“I´ve been here since 7 this morning and now its 11:30, four hours,” said Jorge Paez, 53, a self-employed worker waiting in a nearly kilometer-long line to fuel up his Soviet-era motorcycle and sidecar. “This is a situation that repeats itself every three months … and the problem is never resolved.”

The Cuban government did not immediately reply to a request for comment.

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