Cuban State Security arrests mother of child political prisoner

The communist Castro dictatorship’s assault on children, mothers, and families continues unabated. If you dare speak out, the socialist revolution will hunt you down and destroy you.

Via CiberCuba (my translation):

State Security arrests mother of adolescent imprisoned for July 11 protests and confiscates her phone

Cuban Yanaisy Curbelo, the mother of Brandon David Becerra Curbelo, an adolescent imprisoned for the July 11 protests, has apparently been arrested by State Security, according to social media posts by an activist and friend of the family.

With the intention of informing friends and family regarding Curbelo’s situation, Cuban activist and rapper Carlos Ernesto Diaz, known as Ktivo Disidente, published a post on Facebook to alert others about Brandon’s mother and how agents from State Security may be impersonating her after confiscating her cellphone.

“A warning to all Cubans who are friends of Yanaisy Curbelo, the mother of Brandon David Becerra. ‘State Insecurity” has Yanaisy’s phone in their possession and are reaching out to people impersonating her. She has been kidnapped and they took away the bottles of soft drinks and other items she had for her son when she visited him,” said Ktivo Disidente on social media.

The human rights activist and coordinator in Cienfuegos for the “Cuba in Family” initiative said that a mutual friend of Brandon’s family had told him about Curbelo’s arrest by Cuban regime oppressors.

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