Two fleeing Cubans lost at sea on homemade motorized pontoon surfboard

#Breaking Have you seen a similar vessel? @USCG crews are searching for 2 Cuban males on a surf board w/ a motor & pontoon after being alerted they left #Cuba, Tues. & didn’t arrive in #KeyWest. Call Sector Key West if you have info., 305-292-8727

From our Bureau of Utter Desperation and Dangerous Ingenuity

A week after a Cuban made it to the U.S. on a windsurf board, two other Cubans have apparently lost their lives at sea aboard a souped-up surfboard.

After searching for these would-be migrants for two days — and using Twitter to post a photo of the rustic vessel which they obtained from relatives of the missing men — the U.S. Coast Guard has abandoned hope of finding them.

Lord have mercy.

Loosely translated from CiberCuba

The United States Coast Guard (USCG, for its acronym in English) suspended this Monday the search for two Cuban migrants who left the island on a motorized surfboard.

Almost 48 hours after starting the search, the officers decided to stop it, waiting for new information, and insisted that if anyone knows anything about the case, or sees a boat similar to the one shown in their networks, they will contact the referred phone.

“Our crews are searching for two Cuban men on a powered surfboard and pontoon after being alerted that they left Cuba on Tuesday and did not make it to Key West,” the USCG said on Twitter on Saturday.

On March 24, the Coast Guard reported the rescue, about 15 miles south of Islamorada, of a man who had left the beach of Varadero, in the province of Matanzas, on a windsurf board, two days ago. . When they found him, he had symptoms of dehydration and was taken to a hospital.