Independent report documents over 100 political prisoners being tortured in communist Cuba

In their latest report, human rights organization Prisoners Defenders has testimony from over 100 Cuban political prisoners on how they were tortured by the Castro dictatorship.

Via Democratic Spaces:

Systematic and widespread torture of political prisoners in Cuba

Prisoners Defenders: The Use of Torture in Cuba is Systematic and Widespread

In CUBA there have been more than 5,000 arbitrary detentions following the historic peaceful and pro-democratic protests of July 11, 2021 and more than 1,167 political prisoners.

The regime in Cuba has turned the island into the nation with the highest amount of political prisoners in the Americas. As a prison regime, it not only surpasses other nations in the hemisphere, but also others such as Russia and Iran.

In this context, the NGO Prisoners Defenders has published a report titled: “CRUEL, INHUMANE OR DEGRADING TREATMENT AND TORTURES OF POLITICAL PRISONERS IN CUBA.” Documenting repression in Cuba and the arbitrariness against the defenseless population of the island has been the mission of this NGO since its foundation with numerous reports on forced expatriations, exploitation and slave labor of Cuban doctors and professionals and regular reports on political prisoners.

The report is based on testimonies of 101 Cuban political prisoners who denounce having been subjected to torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment in a systematic and widespread manner. It will be presented to the Committee Against Torture by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights at the 73rd session of the United Nations Committee Against Torture to be held from April 19 to May 13, 2022. The report shows that 100% of political prisoners in Cuba suffer some form of torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment.

Among the most frequent forms of torture are deprivation of medical care, solitary confinement, forced labor, subjection to uncomfortable and harmful positions, hate speech and degrading treatment based on the prisoner’s race and sexual orientation.

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