Movie about Fidel Castro’s daughter Alina will start filming soon in Colombia

From our Bureau of Sketchy Film Projects That Involve the Illegitimate Children of Brutal Tyrants

Not much can be said about any movie before filming actually begins, but in this case it’s fairly easy to detect the unmistakable sulfuric stench of leftism.

The screenplay has two authors. One is Jose Riveria, the same genius who wrote the screenplay for the hagiographic Che biopic, The Motorcycle Diaries, in which the sociopathic butcher of La Cabaña is portrayed as a saint.

The second screenwriter is Nilo Cruz, a Pulitzer-winning playwright who has maintained a very friendly relationship with Castro, Inc. and has a habit of pulling out of film or theater projects in which the so-called “Revolution” is portrayed in less than a favorable light.

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  1. I never bought her as trigo limpio, because (barring a miracle) she simply could not be with such DNA.. I have no trouble seeing how she could have had all sorts of issues all along, predictably if not inevitably. And that old photo is priceless–the bearded bastard in his ridiculous costume, which he apparently wore constantly regardless of the setting or occasion, couldn’t look more bogus if he tried. Lord, the disgrace.

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