Young Cubans who protested on July 11 will undergo brainwashing at special ‘schools of conduct’

Brainwashing camouflaged as “free” education

From our Bureau of Socialist Attitude Adjustment with some help from our Bureau of Socialist Psychology and Behavioral Disorders

Face it, if you can’t accept the wonders of socialism, you must be mentally ill. Coo-coo, nuts, loco, fou, verrückt, pazzo,…etc.. and therefore in need of immediate psychiatric care.

This is the truth claim at the heart of socialism and communism: collectivity is the only rational option for all societies and the extinction of personal desires and opinions is the ultimate rational goal of all citizens. Since this is all so eminently rational, it can only be rejected by faulty reasoning or insanity, most probably caused by the deceit and manipulation with which evil agents of democratic and capitalist societies poison the minds of all good citizens in socialist utopias .

So now these young protesters rounded up in July have to be subjected to “re-education and social reintegration” that will “correct” the “deviation they have in their behavior.” In other words, they will be subjected to the same kind of brainwashing that China is imposing on the Uyghurs, a form of psychological torture not unlike the one depicted in the film Clockwork Orange. (click here and see image below).

This is nothing new in Castrogonia or in the Socialist/Communist world. This takes place every day in all socialist schools and it is cleverly camouflaged as “free” education. And brainwashing has always been their preferred approach to stifling dissent among old and young alike.

This is what the Yale Law School students who disrupted a conference on free speech will do to anyone who dares to disagree with them when they finally achieve their goal of turning the United States of America into a socialist utopia.

Scientific socialist attitude adjustment

Loosely translated from CiberCuba:

The objective of the schools of conduct for minors convicted of 11 J is to “correct the behavior” of young people, said an article published in the official organ of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC).

The institutions, belonging to the Ministry of the Interior, have served the authorities to sanction minors who participated in the historic 11J protests in Cuba. However, for the official press, these re-education centers have been subjected to “media manipulation” by the “enemies of the revolution”, who have wanted to present them as detention centers or prisons directly.

To counteract this “matrix” of counterrevolutionary opinion, the newspaper Granma visited the EFI José Martí last Friday, where six Cuban adolescents are undergoing a process of “re-education and social reintegration” that seeks to “correct the behavior” of some young people. who, coming from complex backgrounds, began to protest “deceived and manipulated”.

“Here we have among our functions to provide treatment to all the boys who are referred by the Council for Attention to Minors of the MININT, which is based, mainly, on them accepting the measure applied and their error, that they understand what is the deviation they have in their behavior,” explained Yelena de las Mercedes Valenzuela Orta, a psychologist at the aforementioned center.

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  1. And if anybody wants a testimonial, Elián González will readily vouch for Castronoid “re-education.”

  2. Perpetrators of crimes against humanity decorating school children’s classrooms. Isn’t that special?

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