Cuban dictatorship weaponizes migration, floods U.S. with 16,657 asylum seekers in February

From our Bureau of Socialist Escape Valves and Other Such Survival Tactics

Information taken directly from U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Castro, Inc. is once again resorting to one of its preferred survival tactics: creating a migrant tsunami that overwhelms the United States. Take a look at the yellow line in the graph above. And in the graph below, see how the number of Cubans who have arrived in the first two months of 2022 already outnumber the grand total of Cubans for all of the previous year.

In February alone, over 16,500 Cubans crossed the sourthern U.S. border. On one day alone last week, 1,500 were caught. At this rate the U.S. could end up with nearly half a million asylum-seeking Cubans by the end of this year.

This old trick provides Castro, Inc. with many benefits, the most significant of which are the following, in no particular order of significance:

1. Getting rid of malcontents who could stir up trouble; 2. Getting rid of more mouths to feed; 3. Annoying the U.S. and causing it to strike some deal favorable to Castro, Inc., in exchange for an end to the tsunami; 4. Sending spies and other operatives into the U.S.; 5. Filling the U.S. with more Cuban Yo-Yos who will send remittances to their relatives and visit Cuba loaded with gifts.

This Cuban migrant tsunami, however, will be different from all others, for it will be coming through the Mexican border and the number of thousands of Cubans involved will be dwarfed by that of Mexican, Central American, and South Americans, who are expected to be in the millions.

Jar-Jar Biden and his progressive woke minions are responsible for this, as are nations such as Mexico and Nicaragua, which are in cahoots with Castro, Inc., and Panama, which allows Cubans to enter without visas., knowing that their ultimate goal is the U.S.